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 Tenant Locator Service

Some landlords have the time and the people skills to deal with tenants, vendors, contractors, neighbors, insurance adjusters, government officials, and others who affect the day-to-day operation of rental properties. But they may not have time to advertise their properties and show them. Or perhaps they are not as confident as they would like to be in their ability to write a strong lease. They may not know what disclosures are legally required. Or they may not feel confident in their ability to negotiate with tenant applicants. If any of this fits your situation, you may find that our Tenant Locator Service is a perfect fit for you.

 If you select our Tenant Locator Service,
 you will enjoy the following:

  1. We survey the rental property (with you, if you are available; on our own if you are unavailable) and discuss with you the likely market rent. We will also discuss any improvements that are necessary or that may be advisable in order to generate the highest market rent.

  2. We advertise rental property at www.MontereyRentals.com, the most highly ranked website for local rental property. We also advertise the property on additional websites that we have found to be effective. We place a colorful, attention-getting For Rent sign on the rental property.

  3. We coordinate cleaning and minor maintenance if needed, with your prior approval, of course!. We will coordinate the duplication of keys and/or changing of locks if needed.

  4. We coordinate and facilitate applicants viewing the rental property at the convenience of the applicants, to insure that you are getting the most possible viewing of the rental property.

  5. We review all applications; we perform background and credit screening of applicants; we verify employment and confirm the likelihood of continued employment; we interview past landlords of the applicants; we interview the applicants and select the most highly qualified applicant.

  6. We prepare a customized lease agreement for you that conforms with state statutes and addresses any issues that are of particular concern to you or that are peculiar to the rental property. We review the lease agreement with the selected applicant and obtain signatures on the lease and other required documents.

  7. We prepare and provide to the selected tenant the required federal, state, and county disclosures, securing signatures and/or receipts where required.

  8. We collect the first month's rent and a security deposit from your tenant, deduct our fee and forward the balance to you. We provide your new tenant with keys, other opening devices, and a move-in inspection form to document the condition of the rental property at the time the tenant takes possession.


Tenant Locator Service

If you are just getting started with the rental of your property located in Monterey, Pebble Beach, Carmel, Pacific Grove or other areas of the Monterey Peninsula and Salinas Valley, we recommend our survey service, during which we will meet with you (or go to your property unaccompanied, if you are unavailable) and evaluate its rental potential.

We will estimate the likely rental value of your property and advise you as to any improvements that are necessary or recommended in order to obtain the highest rent the market will bear.

This information and advice will be customized to your property and based on our years of experience and expertise and is available for only $199.00.


Please feel free to contact Jan Leasure at
 Jan@MontereyRentals.com or
831 402 1765
with any additional questions you may have.

We look forward to bringing our
exemplary service to you in the near future.



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