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"Thank you for the great property management services you have provided me since you took over the management of this building. Your company is always quick to respond and resolve any issues that arise, and with a smile at that! My time at this property has been most pleasurable."- CJL in Pacific Grove

Monterey Bay Property Management provides complete property management for  long-term rentals, including single-family homes, condominiums, and small apartment complexes (less than 16 units)

Monterey Bay Property Management was established in 1986 and is the "go-to" company for premier property management services. A large percentage of our current customers have come through the referrals of previous and current satisfied clients.

Our policies and procedures have been emulated by others in the industry, both locally and nationally. We are flattered that others consider us the property management experts, and we work hard to live up to those expectations! We look forward to bringing our exemplary management service to you in the near future.

Benefits of using Monterey Bay Property Management

  • Simplify/reduce/eliminate your property management concerns
  • Experienced managers
  • Managers stay current on all federal and state property laws
  • Steady supply of rental comparables
  • Market your rental property on multiple websites
  • Install rental sign
  • Interior/Exterior Property Photos
  • Perform background and credit screening of applicants
  • Verify employment, interview past landlords of applicants
  • Prepare lease agreement and related documents as required by law,
    including required federal, state, and county disclosures.
  • Walk-Through documentation
  • Require rental insurance of all tenants
  • Timely collection and dispersement of rental payments
  • Automated rental payment processing
  • Coordinate cleaning and maintenance
  • Property maintenance by licensed and bonded vendors
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Coordinate duplication of keys and/or changing of locks between tenants
  • Automated accounting services
  • Owner Portal access
  • Eviction rate of less than .001%

Why Use a Rental Manager?

Can't I Do It Myself?

We occasionally talk to property owners who are considering the tradeoffs between self-management and professional management services. Obviously managers cost money. Do managers earn it? Are they cost effective? Can I do it myself? Here are some of the discussion points we have shared with property owners who are wrestling with this question.


Information regarding rental rates is based on our experience in the business, and the material herein is original material, written by Jan Leasure. We are sorry to note that our written material has been plagiarized by other local managers. Thus we are compelled to state that all material on this website, as well as anything you may receive from Monterey Bay Property Management is original.
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