Not everyone who owns investment property in the Monterey Bay area needs a property manager. Even those who do need one do not necessarily need full property management.

Some landlords have the people skills to deal with tenants, vendors, contractors, neighbors, insurance adjusters, government officials, and others who impact the day-to-day operation of their rental properties. They also may have time in their days to learn how to write a strong lease, to find out what disclosures are required at the  local, state, and federal level, and to keep up with legal changes that are happening in the landlord-tenant arena every day.

But even some of the people who have the skills and time to manage their rental properties may not want to manage them!  So if you don’t want to manage your rental properties, or if you don’t feel confident in your skills at property management, you can feel confident that there are professional property managers who can simplify the landlording aspect of your life.

We have the experience and insight to help you decide whether you need property management for your Monterey Bay property. If you do, we can help you select exactly what services you need.

For your long-term rental, you may prefer to have a professional property manager take it completely off your hands so you don’t have to think about it. Or you may prefer to have a tenant locator service, which takes care of the advertising, showing and screening, and leaves the day to day management to you, once the tenant is in place.

For your vacation rental, you may want someone who is available 24/7 to book and service your rental and your guests. Or you may simply need a booking service that can produce more income for you.

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